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  • Sunday, May 1, 2011
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    The Safe and Sensitive School initiative of The Teacher Foundation started as a pilot project supported by Wipro (Applying Thought in Schools) with the sole objective of making the selected schools safe and sensitive through embedding policies, spaces and interactions that are positive, constructive, nurturing and collaborative for all – students and staff alike.

    It was a 2 ½ year long project, with 11 schools representative across the spectrum  - low-end, medium-end and high-end, focusing on training the school heads and teachers in changing their overall approach to teaching & interacting amongst themselves and students using the Whole School Ecosystemic Model of Quality Circle Time developed by Jenny Mosley Consultancies, UK.

    To further strengthen our committment in helping the schools sustain the programme we have initiated the SASS Forum where schools can share their experiences and best practices in creating a caring school.

    Do feel free to post in your thoughts/opinions/ideas and concerns in the comment section, with respect to how every teacher and principal can enable their schools to become a safe and sensitive place!


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