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Safe and Sensitive Schools

The 2 ½ year long project, with eleven schools, focused on training the school and the teachers to promote positive relationships among all the stakeholders

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On our times turning eleven!

An 'adolescent' decade could be just the right time to make the social agenda of educational reform, a reality.

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Promoting Caring Schools!

“I could never imagine that a teacher can bring in such levels of energetic enthusiasm in classrooms and technically plant positive behaviours among the learners”.

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TSA: Learning Together

Through our time with the teachers in the last few months, we have noticed several things which we felt needed to be addressed formally, in the whole group


Getting better by the dozen!

  • Sunday, June 1, 2014
  • It's easy to be the newest or latest novelty in the market and entice schools with a variety of products or services. It's an entirely different matter staying true to your vision of making schools enabling environments for students, by empowering educators and doing this effectively, a dozen long years. I feel proud that TTF at twelve makes a strong statement that we are here for the long haul! We don't dabble, we deliver; we don't preach, we practise; we discourage complacence, we strive for competence and being cutting-edge. Our mission is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning that takes place in schools across India and we are getting better at it by the dozen.

    My warmest appreciation for the committed team members who have shared the dream and stayed the course. TTF has the potential to make long-lasting impact, inspired by, not large endowments, but by the power of one idea – enabling and inspiring every teacher !

    As the principal of a leading city school mentioned in an e-mail to me "Here's wishing you a year of lighting up lives of many more teachers!" That's a testimonial to cherish and I thank hundreds of schools and principals who have placed their valuable trust in our professional judgement.

    Maya Menon
    Founder Director
    The Teacher Foundation


    TTF's Annual Seminar 2014 : Knowledge Management in Schools

  • Friday, January 17, 2014
  • As the new year unfolds, it is that time of the year again for TTF's Annual Seminar!


    In all our interactions with school managements and principals, in the recent past, one recurring and real concern they have shared with us is the loss or fear of loss of their most vital of resources – the teachers, especially teachers they have invested in or have groomed for greater responsibilities. The 'brain drain' that most schools fear, either in reality or in perception, often halts or negates any concerted change initiative, especially for improving teaching-learning processes. Schools therefore prefer to focus on more permanent fixtures like infrastructure and technology enhancements rather than teacher development.


    Vice Admiral (retd.) B Kannan, is someone who understands this dilemma very well albeit in the context of the Indian Navy, where the retirement of highly qualified and talented officers could leave the Armed Forces severely handicapped if it were not for sound Knowledge Management Systems.This actually has far-reaching implications for schools too. Much of the unique style, content and classroom repertoire often remains embedded in teachers' minds as “tacit knowledge”, and may not have been transferred and embedded in the “organisational knowledge” of the institution. In such a case, the exit of the particular teacher leaves a vacuum, which puts pressure on the organisation to juggle a demanding academic calendar.


    How should schools cope with such situations when their organisational knowledge is significantly bereft of the expertise and experience of some teachers? What measures should they regularly take for building up the organisational knowledge? How do the institutions ensure that these measures do not further burden the teachers? How can the teaching methods be refined with the help of organisational knowledge? The answers to these questions emerge from a tailor-made Knowledge Management System (KMS) for the institution, which allows tacit knowledge of teachers to flow to organisational knowledge with minimum effort.


    Vice Admiral Kannan is a highly decorated officer, of the Indian Navy. He has been honoured by the President of India with the Vishishta Seva Medal, Athivishishta Seva Medal and the Param Visihishta Seva Medal for exemplary service. He is a graduate in Electronic Engineering from College Of Trivandrum, Kerala and an M. Tech from IIT Bombay. He also has a Masters in Administrative Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. He was instrumental in setting up KMS systems in Naval training centres, Dockyards and Project organisations. He retired recently as the ‘Chief of Material’, the top-post for technical officers in the Indian Navy. Presently he is a research fellow with Anna University.


    We look forward to having you at what promises to be an illuminating seminar on 13 February 2014 (from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm) at St. Mark's Hotel, 4/1, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore - 560001.


    For more details and to register your name for the event, please contact:


    Aditi Choudhary + 91 80955 87430

    Ajay Kumar +91 80955 87431


    You can also register for the event by mailing us at info@teacherfoundation.org


    Five meaningful days with 17 school heads!

  • Saturday, December 7, 2013
  • “It was a wonderful journey we had for five days. Your team empowered us. In fact today, I tried KWL sheet for std VIII and X along with Jigsaw. The response was excellent. The students participated with lot of zeal. I will be experimenting all the things what we learnt.” , Sunitha Srivastava,Senior Coordinator of Sri Vani Education Centre wrote to us once she was back in the school after the five exciting and enriching days with The Teacher Foundation as a part of the five day leadership training for school heads.

    A consortium formed by Birla Shloka Edutech and The Teacher Foundation (Shraddha Trust & TTF Education Services Pvt Ltd)  has been empanelled by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to deliver a 5 Day Residential Programme for Heads of CBSE Schools on Effective School Leadership and Management and a 1 day training programme for teachers on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE). In connection with TTF organized HeadLAMP for CBSE School Heads between 25 and 29 November 2013. 17 school heads from across South India participated in the programme.


    The five days were filled with exciting moments of learning for the heads, from the facilitators and each other. The workshops dealt with critical aspects of modern school leadership, which included setting of vision based on institutional values, change management, teaching-learning, instructional leadership and developing the art of coaching.

    “As a principal, I have enriched my knowledge. The sessions were very helpful for me especially as I am a mentor for CBSE.” said Sreekala Menon of Amrita Vidyalayam. “I learnt how to motivate my teachers and inspire them for active learning and teaching.” said Lenin R K, Principal of Cordite Factory School.

    The response of the school heads after the five day programme was very encouraging for all of us at TTF and it strengthens us to look forward in our mission of enabling and inspiring educators across the country. Syed Akram, Principal of Jain Public School wrote back to us after the workshop, “ Living with the TTF has been a very beautiful experience. Thank you for being so good to me and my learning is spontaneous because of the generosity each of you at TTF have shown. Continue to be good and make the world of  difference.” Meenakshi Ramanathan of Sri Vani School wrote to us, “Thank you vey much for enriching us on so many areas of our profession  and we have been a part of the mission of TTF also”

    TTF launched the UKIERI Induction Programme for Serving Principals!

  • Tuesday, November 19, 2013
  • UKIERI is a collaboration of the governments of United Kingdom and India in improving the educational standards in India. As a part of this partnership, a school leadership programme is being piloted in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. The Teacher Foundation conducted the first phase of training for 64 Tutor Facilitators from 21-25 October 2013 at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development in Sriperumbudur .


    The programme commenced with the inauguration by the Principal Secretary of Tamil Nadu, Smt Sabita giving the presiding address. Ms. Kavitha Anand, Executive Director, Adhyayan and Dr. Rashmi Sinha of UKIERI, spoke of the role of UKIERI in supporting the 1200 principals in two states who have been chosen for the pilot project. This would be done by recruiting 64 Educationists like Senior Principals, Retired Principals, DIET officers, Officers from The Education Department as Tutor Facilitators who would in turn support the 1200 principals in becoming Instructional Leaders. The Principal Secretary spoke of the importance of empowering the principals so that they in turn will help in better and all round development of children through education.






    The training commenced after the inauguration and the TTF facilitators took the tutor facilitators through the schedule of five days. Day one was spent in helping them understand the role of a School Head as a leader of Education and not a mere manager. They were also made aware of their role in this venture.


    On Day Two the tutor facilitators were introduced to the four skills of facilitation viz. Listening, Asking Questions, Debriefing and Summarizing through various group activities. All the facilitators enthusiastically took part in all the activities forgetting their age, designations and positions. The workshop was very lively with their active participation.





    Tutor facilitators were taken through various methods of facilitation like Snow balling, Jigsaw reading etc. One of the participants quipped that he did know that facilitation meant all these interesting methods and he was under the impression that mentoring meant advising and policing.


    On Day Four the tutor facilitators were taken through the module of Coaching process. They were shown the actual classroom teaching, enactment by two facilitators to comprehend how coaching and mentoring had to be done. At the end of Day four there were a lot of self reflection by the tutor facilitators and clearing of their misconceptions.




    The last day or the Day Five was a half- day session which began with a recap of all the previous sessions. Then they had a practice session on Coaching with the help of assessment sheets. The workshop ended with the information given to them about the further training sessions, the availability of support and resources etc. The participants then wrote an appreciation card to one of their fellow participants and gifted it to them.





    Circle time was a very enlightening activity as each tutor facilitator spoke very candidly of the doubts each had about the workshop, the content of the workshop and the methodology of the workshop but after five days of training, the amount of knowledge each one gained and the responsibility each had in supporting the 1200 principals. One participant said that after attending the workshop he realised that he had not done much for the empowerment of student community and teaching community and pledged that he will bring a change in the system. Another participant felt that all of them were bound by the thread of ground rules and twirled like a top all the days filled with interesting and varied activities. Yet another participant felt that the facilitators kept their spirits high with words of encouragement and the three of them were actually modelling the right way of facilitation and that they were taken by the tutor facilitators as role models.


    The workshop concluded on 25th October with a valedictory programme in which the RMSA officials and the TTF Facilitators were felicitated by the Tutor Facilitators.


    Announcing training for CBSE School Principals!

  • Monday, November 11, 2013
  • A consortium formed by Birla Shloka Edutech and The Teacher Foundation (Shraddha Trust & TTF Education Services Pvt Ltd) has been empanelled by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to deliver a 5 Day Programme for Heads of CBSE Schools on Effective School Leadership and Management and a 1 day training programme for teachers on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE).We are empanelled to conduct the programme PAN India.


    We are happy to inform you that we are organizing the first batch of HeadLAMP for CBSE Schools in Bangalore from 25 November 2013. Following are the details:
    Date: 25th – 29th November 2013
    Venue: Vidya Deep College,
    128/1, Ulsoor Road,
    Bangalore 560042
    Phone: 25587965/25590662
    This programme prepares school leaders as change agents who can steer the learning in their institutions with special focus on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. HLCS is distinctive in its emphasis on experiential learning. Learning opportunities are presented in large and small group discussions, case studies, scenarios and videos are integrated in the course work. You can find the details of the course here. (Please note that this is not a residential programme.)

    Cost of HLCS as proposed by CBSE is Rs 10,000 per participant. The cost is inclusive of food for the participants on the days of training, training material and five days of training. For registration or more details, please mail us at info@teacherfoundation.org



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