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Celebrating Safe and Sensitive Schools!

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  • Wednesday, July 25, 2012
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    The 2.5 year journey of implementing the Safe and Sensitive School (SASS) programme, in collaboration with Wipro Applying Thought in Schools aptly culminated as we organized a small but sweet event celebrating the significant changes that have been observed in the 11 schools that the SASS team at TTF worked with.


    The evening began with a welcome note by Maya Menon and Sreekanth Sreedharan from Wipro Applying Thought in Schools.

    Our guest of the evening, Dr. Shona Chattarji, an eminent neuro scientist from National Centre for Biological Sciences gave an insightful talk on the scientific aspect of how the brain learns and the impact of stress on it. He further emphasised the importance of providing a caring environment to students for effective learning.

    All the 11 schools were then presented with a school certificate and a copy of the Whole School Behaviour Policy manual. The WSBP document was democratically compiled from discussions held with a cross section of students and teachers enlisting out a common mode of behaviour management with emphasis on personal and social growth.



    As the evening drew to a close, each of the schools echoed their commitment to continue the journey of providing an unbiased and caring environment for each of their students and staff alike!


    To further strengthen this commitment a SASS Forum has been initiated on TTF blog where schools can share their experiences and best practices in creating a caring school.


    Posted by Misbah Shahid, TTF Bangalore Centre

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