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Teaching Language for Promoting Learner Independence by Ana García Stone

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  • Tuesday, August 28, 2012
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    Session 1 : Vocabulary

    Why is it important for our students to guess the meanings of words? Why is it important to record vocabulary? How can we help our students to remember new words? This session focuses on practical ideas for presenting, recording and recycling vocabulary with an emphasis on giving our students more responsibility for their learning.


    Session 2 : Reading

    How can we ensure our students fully engage with a reading text? There are many different activities that teachers can do with a reading text to motivate students and help them develop reading skills as well as widen their vocabulary. During the workshop we will do a reading with different exercises and consider the different stages of a reading lesson and finally look at a range of activities and match them to different reading texts.


    Session 3 : Writing and Student Independence

    What’s the difference between product and process writing? We will consider these differences and alternative ways of giving students feedback. We will also look at how we can make our students more independent and make our classes less teacher-centred through the ways we organise activities.


    Session 4 : Grammar and Revision

    How can students learn Grammar Rules? Language in context allows students to formulate the rules about how language works so we will look at how we can help students do this through guided discovery. We will also look at different, more fun ways of helping our students revise language through different classroom activities. At the end of each session, there will be a reflection slot where teachers will be asked to choose one activity that they will try out the following week in class. They must also decide on a person they will discuss it with.


    About Ana Garcia Stone

    Ana García-Stone works for the British Council in Madrid, Spain. She is an experienced teacher trainer, having trained both native and non-native teachers of English in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam and India since 1996. She also teaches young learners aged between 10 and 18 with an English level from elementary to advanced. She is currently Lead Tutor on a Diploma level qualification. She has also been a Hornby School Director in India. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary) from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and a MSc in Applied Linguistics from University of Edinburgh,UK. Her special areas of interest are Grammar and CPD (continuing professional development).


    Registrations limited to 25 Teachers of English Language – so hurry and sign up !


    Dates: 31st August and 1st September 2012

    Timings : 9.30 am – 4.30 pm (registrations will be completed by 9.15 am)

    Venue: British Library, Kasturba Road

    Workshop Fees: Rs. 2500 + 12.36% Service Tax = Rs. 2809 (inclusive of workshop materials, lunch, tea & coffee)


    Payable to : TTF Education Services Pvt. Limited


    Contact :
    rohini@teacherfoundation.org (mobile: 8095587430)
    manjula@teacherfoundation.org (mobile: 9886378727)


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