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Buzzing Classrooms at KLS School!

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  • Saturday, June 4, 2011
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    In a typical TTF fashion, Friday's workshop at the Karnataka Law Society's School in Belgaum was buzzing with activity. This was especially appropriate since the workshop, Buzzing Classrooms, helped teachers explore how to make their own classrooms more engaging, lively and productive for their studuents.

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    Thirty-seven teachers coming from Kindergarten to Tenth grade classrooms joined TTF for a full day of activities, exciting learning opportunities and discussions on how to adapt the activities to the needs of their own students.

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    Several highlights of the day included careful examination of a collection of items involved in uncovering the background of a mysterious person, empathizing with people in a historical photograph and a rousing and competitive keyword pictionary used as an assessment tool.

    math trail

    Perhaps most exciting was the Math Trail, a treasure hunt involving pairs of teachers racing around to solve dozens of math problems before their peers got the chance.

    mystery object

    Reflecting back on the day, teachers had interesting comments and thoughts to share. Remembering  that “learning can be an enjoyable experience” is always a common aim of all TTF workshops and it is great to see teachers picking up this message. Similarly, another teacher remarked that, “activity based methods help teacher and students remain active throughout the class. Permanent learning can be easy and fast.”


    Judging by the amount of laughs, the discussion, and yes- competition -among the teachers at KLS's School, classrooms throughout the year are sure to be buzzing with activity after this workshop.

    Posted by Julia Bach, TTF Hubli Centre


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