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Touchstone for three!!

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  • Wednesday, June 17, 2009
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    Three schools in DK joined for Touchstone 2009-10. TTF will train 65 teachers under this project, in three schools. Touchstone is a sustained teacher development programme offered by TTF. It is a package of 11 workshops and two one-one-one support for teachers. Unlike one day or two day workshops, Touchstone ensures maximum transferability of learning into the classrooms. TTF will support teachers to improve their practice through the intervention strategies planned under Touchstone. Beary's Public School, Mangalore with 15 teachers, Milagers English Medium School, Kalliyanpur with 20 teachers and Sri Venkataramana English Medium School with 30 teachers are all set and ready to undergo the training. TTF will work with the schools for a year. The teachers are certified by the end of the programme.

    Posted by Sojo Varughese, Coordinator, TTF Mangalore
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