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So Whats BREWING now……….?!!

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  • Saturday, September 26, 2009
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    Our first Steps in Turning Schools Around have been cautious, in trying to gauge the areas of the school that needed attention & plunging completely into preparing lesson plans/ resources & giving demonstration lessons. ( 230 in all). What follows is a summary of our initiatives in this phase.

    Teacher Training:
    The 5 day intensive training programme was held from 19th – 23rd May’09. The modules were ‘Care to Connect’, ‘Mindful Learning’ and ‘GrouPower’.

    Active listening

    This workshop highlighted the importance of good communication skills in school and beyond.
    How does the brain learn?What conditions help the brain in assimilating better? How can we make our classrooms conducive to better learning rather than only concentrate on how we teach? The value and power of working in groups.
    Teachers played games,discussed and debated while understanding the nuances of good communication skills. Since experiential learning is the medium of learning- triads were formed so as to enable all participants to gain the experience of being listener,speaker and observer. This workshop got teachers to become more reflective -some of the role plays were captured on video and then played back. This helped immensely in seeing the differences between reality and perception and caused some amount of introspection. This exercise also brought home the value of peer feedback.


    GrouPower helped teachers to not only understand the advantages but also allowed for debate so as to address any reservations . Teachers were encouraged to make work plans to implement this in the classrooms. The workshop was delivered using group work strategies so that teachers actively experienced this powerful teaching tool for themselves.
    Learning Spectrum in September got the teachers to think & work on Bulletin Board ideas , Black Board & News paper activities!!

    Working on Bulletin boards

    Thats our WALL!!!

    HeadLamp 1st Phase
    The 1st phase of training for the Heads schools was held on 26th ,27th and 30th of May 2009.

    This 3 day module is called ‘Lighting the Torch’ .Some of the highlights are:
    Leadership Approaches & Leadership Film
    Vision and values
    Systems Thinking ,Initiating and Management of Change
    Understanding the TTF School Improvement Framework.
    Initial thoughts of what they will like to see different in their schools
    The Principals were active participants and got into a reflective mode regarding their individual schools.

    Heads in Action

    School Improvement Framework-for Change Coordinators-1/2 day workshop
    The SIF was also shared with the change coordinators. This session saw the Principals and coordinators sitting together to fine tune their understanding of the document .They used this framework for analyzing individual schools. In the next stage they will audit their schools & identify the key areas of improvement. In the coming months TTF will support them to chalk out the changes to be implemented in the next quarter.

    Classroom Demonstrations in Schools
    230 demo classes have been conducted in schools by TTF facilitators. The purpose of modeling best practice is so teachers can see a practical way in which workshop learnings can be implemented. The classes were followed up with detailed discussions so as to help teachers talk and reflect on their experiences. Demos have been conducted for all subjects-English,Kannada, Math, Science.

    Working in Groups


    Infrastructure Support
    Infrastructure support has been implemented as planned for all 5 schools. Listed below are some of the activities undertaken:
    Schools are looking much brighter and prettier with newly painted walls in attractive colors.
    Some schools have taken this initiative further and got the classrooms painted as well
    Bulletin boards have been put up in classrooms-this has given both students and teachers reasons to add to the displays-thus helping in one of the brain principles
    Children have much more to read and look forward to in their libraries. Books have been added catering to the different age groups for students .
    The library also has books for teachers-to encourage them to seek support in the form of reading and reflection.
    TTF facilitators have been role modeling making and using teaching aids. Teachers have also joined this effort and the result is some lovely aids which have been added to the repertoire
    Last but certainly not the least is the addition of equipment in the Labs-this has already begun being used for students to experience hands on science experiments.

    Something to Cheer the teachers on-Teacher’s Day saw a lovely gift from St. Mark’s Hotel .The hotel has invited all the teachers on this project for lunch at their restaurant Indian Pavilion.

    Celebrate with Lunch

    Posted by Padma Murthy, Project Head, TTF Bangalore
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