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Developing Caring Schools | Quality Circle Time

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  • Monday, October 25, 2010
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    Developing Caring Schools, using Jenny Mosley’s Whole School Quality Circle Time, is a 2-day memorable event for schools and teachers that is one of TTFs most popular and key programmes. It fosters “the fourth R” in the curriculum - relationships! This workshop, taken by accredited facilitators, opens the teachers’ minds to new possibilities of how to respond to children with care and sensitivity while promoting excellence and high standards of performance.

    For whom
    All schools and teachers can benefit from QCT. School leaders who feel that they want their schools to be more caring and safe environments through a structured process will particularly love this programme.

    Inspires and enables teachers to use a structured group listening process - Quality Circle Time - to make their classes and their school more caring and nurturing. Circle Time involves:

    • the whole class sitting in a circle (non-heirarchical and inclusive)
    • children taking turns in speaking, listening, sharing ideas, contributing to a groupsituation, observing, thinking and concentrating
    • cooperative games, techniques, puppet play, and discussion to promote trust, empathy and understanding
    • exploring issues relating to self-esteem, emotional intelligence, and team/ group work skills
    • emotional safety of the whole class produced by firm but gentle ground rules
    • equality and respect for all participants

    2-day workshop, participative, exciting and activity-filled, accommodating upto 60 teachers

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