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MatheMagic - Lets Create Magic with Maths!

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  • Friday, November 19, 2010
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    The Teacher Foundation, Bangalore is organizing MatheMagic in Hyderabad. This course is being led by Erica Brouns, a guest faculty member at TTF.

    Erica is a visiting International Consultant for the Mathagondapalli Education Centre that runs the Mathagondapalli Model School for underprivileged children from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. She has a degree in Physics and Math, a Certificate in Education and a 'big booming personality’! Erica has taught in UK, Europe, Africa and South Asia. She has also taught Mathematics to International Baccalaureate students (Stds.11 & 12).

    She likes sharing her ideas with other teachers and has conducted many workshops for Indian teachers through The Teacher Foundation. Erica has a sound understanding of International and Indian curricula.

    MatheMagic: photograph from one of Erica's
    workshops in Bangalore
    The MatheMagic workshop is based on the premise that school education must support a better connection between daily life and the curriculum and use exploration as the means for conceptual understanding.

    Teachers will explore teaching strategies that enhance children’s liking for and a deeper connection of the real life relevance of Mathematics. Inculcating a love for the subject and eliminating fear goes a long way in achieving sound numeracy skills. Erica’s workshop will enable  maths teachers to experience for themselves how, using various easily found materials, helps students to understand the concepts better and apply and remember what they have learnt.

    There is much agreement in the work of researchers that active learning has a positive and lasting impact on children’s learning in pre-school and the early years of primary school. Active learning is an appropriate way for children to develop vital skills and knowledge and a positive attitude to learning.

    These workshops are an attempt to help teachers understand the building blocks necessary for a child to develop true Math sense and sensibility. They will discover through hands-on experience how to nurture mathematical beliefs. These beliefs influence their thinking about, performance, wonder, creativity, and understanding in their classrooms for the early learners.

    For:  Maths teachers of 5th - 8th grades
    Venue:  Manthan International School, Madhapur, Hyderabad
    Dates: 3 and 4  December 2010 (From 9 am-4 pm)

    We look forward to having your teachers benefit from this workshop. Since seats are limited we look forward to receiving your speedy confirmation. 
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