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Making classrooms buzz with excitement!

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  • Tuesday, November 23, 2010
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    Teachers are expected to play a greater role in maintaining the equation of making learning fun and meaningful. But the question is, how do they do it? How do we motivate children to learn? How can we convert our classroom into a place where there is a lot of excitement and buzz happening in connection with learning?

    29 teachers from Government Schools in Bantwal Taluk, Mangalore discovered how to make their classrooms buzz with excitement and meaningful learning when they attended the one-day workshop, Buzzing Classrooms, organized by The Teacher Foundation on 20 November 2010. Buzzing Classrooms is one of the workshops from TTF's Livewire Classrooms Series, a collection of workshops for teacher training, which can be chosen based on the needs and requirement of the school.

    Buzzing Classrooms, organized as a part of Contemporary Classroom Workshop Series initiative by the TTF Government Team, was held at GHPS Salethur in Bantwal Taluk. Pradeep Kumar S P, Teacher Trainer and Coordinator - Government Project, TTF Bangalore led the workshop.

    "After this workshop I realized how to make my class excited. I learnt the use of  different activities to make my students enthusiastic to learn, at the same time how to bring a lot of clarity in my subject.", a teacher wrote in her feedback about the workshop. "I learned about making the classroom more attractive for the children by implementing these activities or strategies. Through patience and hardwork, I want to strive to implement these strategies in my classroom.," another teacher said.

    Posted by Indrani Anchan, Coordinator, Government Projects, Mangalore

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