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A Potpourri of Experiences!

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  • Wednesday, December 8, 2010
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    September and October have been abuzz with activity at TTF Bangalore. The Teacher Foundation's Contemporary Classroom Series [CCWS], successfully brought together teachers and facilitators of varied experiences on diverse topics.

    The workshops managed to provide a rich variety of classroom experiences that everyone took back with them. Topics covered in the series dealt with technology, teaching through storytelling, creating characters using theater and art to brainstorming - questions and answers to bringing value education into classrooms. From the 'new' teachers,who were keen on learning and experiencing the ropes in classroom management and communication skills, to the those who wished to integrate art into their subjects – It was an utter delight for the senses and spirit alike!

    As we had anticipated each workshop offered a rich experience to both the participating teachers as well as facilitators. Needless to say for us at TTF, it was yet another delightful and fulfilling feat.

    Some voices and reflections

    September 2, 2010
    by Rima Sinha

    “The CCWS on 'creating a character' was a fun filled,crisp,brisk and energizing session .The workshop focused on a non traditional and informal approach to creating characters in a story,most of which was done in group activities . My take home from the session was using non prescribed and innovative methods of creating characters from thin air,some good energizers and group reflection techniques."
    A participating teacher trainer

     “I learned how to incorporate drama into the most drab lessons with a little imagination and bare minimum props.”
    Rima Jose 

    September 7, 2010
    by Padmavathi Rao

    “The workshop helped the teachers to brush up their skills in the art of story telling, overcome their inhibitions and know their strengths as a narrator. It also focused on how to trigger the imagination of children with a little voice modulation or a simple story board. It also aimed at giving the children a break from the electronic media and involving them in an activity where they could also contribute in the story board, developing their motor skills. The workshop took us back to the colourful world of childhood, of fairies and castles , it made us think how a child's world revolves round simple things and how we can help to recreate it for them.”
    Anupama Mishra

    “The workshop was a learning in -To express without inhibitions and license to make a fool of ourselves.”
    Rashmi Prasant Katti, Inventure Academy 

    October 28, 2010
    by Tejshvi Jain

    'It was a wonderful world of imagination,an outing from stress and facts and realities of life.”
    Saritha Sharma 

    “A gained a new perspective-Looking at the different aspects of teaching through art” Saira Banu “How to get people to think - out of box.Whenever possible bring the element of art into subject teaching”
    Savita Navre 

    October 26, 2010
    by Lalitha Chacko

    “Energising pupils,time management,importance of recreation and setting boundaries between colleages and students.How to prioritize professional and personal life!” 
    Shalini P.K 

    September 23, 2010
    by Jyoti Kumta

    “I realized that changing even one person is enough and slowly values will perculate down” 
    Sudha Sridhar Gopalan 

    “The workshop has helped me to widen my horizons and to think beyond the usual” 
    A participating teacher

    Sepetember 16, 2010
    by Jothi Sarath

    “By pausing after every question(wait time)making it critical for my students to question me more and more” 
    A Teacher from Rashtriya Military School Bangalore 

    “The idea of wait and pause and hereby let the ideas flow !” 
    Lakshmi Kumar, Inventure Academy

    Posted by Gazal Misra, Coordinator, Training & Teacher Support, TTF Bangalore
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