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Mapping concepts for effective learning

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  • Thursday, January 13, 2011
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    99 teachers from Delhi Public School (South) Bangalore are currently trained under Touchstone. 'Tools for Teaching 2' which was conducted there on January 8, 2010 is a half day workshop which focuses on graphic organizers as effective learning tools.

    Helping students understand,retain and recollect large chunks of information has been a challenge for teachers.  'Tools for Teaching 2', a module from Touchstone holds great interest for teachers across all grades. It focuses on using advanced tools like concept mapping to help learners organize information.

    Concept mapping can be a creative and liberating mode of teaching and learning, as there are no 'incorrect concept maps' and can be an effective means of assessment for the teacher to see how her students understand relationships between concepts. A novel way to move away from rote learning.The teachers were very receptive and shared their classroom experiences of teaching using visual representations. “ Visual representation in the form of a concept map makes stories easily readable.”, a teacher said after the workshop.

    Posted by Lalitha Menon Chako, Coordinator - Teacher Training & Support, TTF Bangalore Centre


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