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Come April - Some new offerings from TTF

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  • Saturday, February 19, 2011
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    A new academic session needs a dose of adrenaline to get everybody back on track after the long summer break. The year 2011 at Teacher Foundation kicks off in April with a variety of new and interesting programmes for school heads and teachers. Some of the programmes are new and others have been enhanced and are back with improved and new insights- on popular demand.

    Subject Enrichment
    A pack of 3 day comprehensive and interactive subject oriented workshops! Straight from the experts.A great way to share your expertise and learn new strategies, in your subject specific.

    Format :
    3 days.Run at TTF centre or at a central location.

    When :

    April 11th-13th and June 13th -15th

    April 14th -16th and June 16-18th

    Social Studies
    April 7th -9th and June 20th-22nd

    English Encounters
    For teachers who wish to improve and hone their skills in thinking and speaking in English, giving them added confidence with their learners in classrooms.

    20 workshops of 3 hrs each conducted twice a week after school at a convenient location.

    2 batches starting April 13th and Jun 15th

    "Talk Now"
    Enables teachers to improve English speaking skills of their learners, using a set of easy and practical lesson plans from the teacher resource book, 'Talk Now' developed by experts at TTF.

    2 workshop days for teachers and 3 days of school based support (once a week); complete set of 'Talk Now' lesson plans.

    2 batches starting April 4th and June 27th.


    A certified, sustained programme for heads to build their leadership and management abilities in the context of the core function of school-building, teaching-learning effectiveness.

    On the job training across a 4-6 month time frame. 10 workshop days covered in 3 short phases; Development of School Audit and School Improvement Plan for your school.

    2 batches starting June 23rd and July 20th

    Essential Pieces
    The Jigsaw of a Successful School
    A great introductory programme to leadership in schools; ideal for middle-level leaders,young leaders, leaders who have not gone through a Leadership Programme.

    2 days workshop in a unique, engaging format, based on the booklet by Prof.Tim Brighouse(U.K) including intensive engagement with heads of other schools.

    2 batches starting July 1st-2nd and July 4th-5th

    For further details and to register,please contact:
    Lalitha Chacko
    or call +91 80 41231149
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