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What do children think about QCT?

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  • Saturday, February 5, 2011
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    TTF is working with 15 schools in Bangalore, training their teachers, as a part of our Safe and Sensitive Schools Pilot Project, supported by Wipro Applying Thoughts in Schools.  From the feedback we get, we understand that teachers from all the schools we are working with see the relevance of Jenny Mosley's Quality Circle Time Model in making their schools more caring places."Quality Circle Time sessions are very useful. Children can discuss sensitive issues. We discuss problems and also children give each other solutions." says a teacher from Chinmaya School, in Bangalore. "There is certainly a visible change since the teachers have started doing the QCTs. My daughter tells me that she enjoys it so much, they are so relieved during the Circle Time session.” says Paravathy, Headmistress, Lawrence School.

    Having said that, we think it is also important for us to know what children feel about Quality Circle Time. Well, Malathy Saikumar, a teacher from Sishu Griha School, asked her students. Malathy was planning a bulletin board to showcase the impact of QCT in her school and she asked her Grade 4 students "What do you feel about Quality Circle Time? Express it any way you would like!" What follows are samples we picked from the bulletin board, put together spontaneously by Grade 4 students of Sishu Griha School in less than 30 minutes.

    That is how students respond to each other before and after QCT, through the eyes of a Grade 4 student. The student finds her classmates/schoolmates kind and considerate, after the school started implementing Quality Circle Time.  

    Now, here is a poem about QCT. Following is how a Grade 4 student looks at Quality Circle Time:

    Circle Time is for everyone, not for me or you. 
    It's also for adults and even youngsters.
    In QCT we learn to be good and respect others.
    We don't take name and don't speak out of turn.

    It teaches us not to cover up the truth.
    Or even not to interrupt. 
    We put or hand if we want to speak.
    And we also play set of games.

    Being in QCT is the best, it gives you a lot of joy. 
    It's a place where it teaches a lot of things.
    An one thing I like to say is: 

    Here is another poem on QCT from another Grade 4 student from Sishu Griha School: 

    My QCT Poem

    Circle Time helps people
    like me and you.
    It helps teenagers, small children 
    and adults too.

    I have learned many things 
    from the great circle time
    like never tell a lie
    'cause it's an unforgivable crime.

    Circle time will make me
    in heart strong and bold.
    Even when I grow up
    and become very old. 

    [Click herehere and here to see the pictures.]
    Posted by Shipra Suneja, Coordinator, Training and Teacher Support, TTF Bangalore Centre
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