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Prerana: Me and Myself

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What will be the objective for the workshop?

This question from a teacher a week before the workshop made it obvious that the first Module of Prerana was a highly anticipated event, not just for the WST team but for all the teachers as well. Some teachers were present at the venue over an hour before the module was to begin! Fortunately the WST team was there an hour before as well and engaged the teachers in thoughtful discussions about their curriculum planning.

The objective of the module was to help teachers identify their personal qualities and how these contribute to student learning

Through carefully planned activities and reflections , teachers began speaking about how the person they were in the classroom did affect how their students learned. Although the teachers were from different schools, the group activities helped them to get to know each other better and they were able to share their thoughts and opinions quite freely in their groups.

For their exit slip, each group was required to make a chart that summed up how a teacher should interact with students. Here is what they had to say:

Posted by Raisa Romer, Coordinator - Training and Teacher Support, TTF Bangalore


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