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WST: A Fresh Start

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  • Wednesday, September 7, 2011
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    WST has been up and running for the last month in three schools in Bangalore. We've just finished our Audit Reports and schools are now working on their action plans. The level of enthusiasm is quite high in each of these schools, as is the motivation to bring about lasting change. In these two years we hope to make these schools more enabling environments by working with all the stakeholders- the management, teachers, parents and students .

    Teaching and Learning runs along the lines of the tried and tested - dictated answers and rote learning. Students in these schools are eager learners. Though there is great scope for surrounding communities to be involved in the day to day activities of the schools, few structures are in place to facilitate this.

    The schools are situated in largely residential areas. Two of the schools have classes from Std 1 to Std 10 and are English Medium schools . The other school has classes from Std 1 to Std 7 and Is Urdu Medium up to Std 5 and English Medium for Std 6 and Std 7. Although all three schools have a similar fee structure and cater to similar communities, each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

    What is common among all these schools is their understanding of the need for change, albeit in some schools it is understood by all stakeholders and in others it is only understood by some.

    The road ahead promises to be exciting as new avenues are opened for all stakeholders to explore!

    Posted by Raisa Romer, Coordinator - Training and Teacher Support, TTF Bangalore


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