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  • Friday, October 21, 2011
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    The government schools in Karnataka are provided with the computers so that teachers will use them in the process of teaching-learning. But most computers remain unused for the simple reason that teachers or heads do not know of how to operate them. With the objective of helping teachers learn basics of computer, TTF Centre at Yadgiri took an initiative and organized a five -day free computer training course from 11October to 15 October 2011. 14 teachers and 5 officials from the region have utilized this opportunity.


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    This course involved the basics of computers like knowing parts of computer, creating files & folders and modifying-maintaining them, use of word and excel sheets, Internet browsing, creating & using e-mails etc. Teachers learned to use a computer for making slides, worksheets, handouts, flash cards and other materials for teaching. Some important educational websites were introduced which enhance their professional skills & interests. All the participants experienced these things practically, combined with theoretical information.


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    Most participants, though they touched the computers for the first time, were able to develop interest by shedding their fears to operate it. “I didn't have courage to learn computer though our school has computers. TTF helped & motivated me by encouraging...... I learnt some skills, now I would like to buy a computer and make use of it for the teaching -learning,” said Smt. Shashikala,H.M,GHPS-Ramasamudra.


    Shri Sharanabasavappa Nasi,Cluster Resource Person-Surapura,said, “ I have learnt how to store the information and how to retrieve it whenever we need it.” Another participant Shri Nagappa Pujari, expressed, “I did not know how to switch on the computer ...now I can use it with confidence. This was a Dasara holiday fruitfully spent..!!


    Posted by Guruswamy, Coordinator – Teacher Training & Support, TTF Bangalore Centre

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