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Teaching language through story telling

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  • Friday, November 11, 2011
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    Geetha Ramanujam says storytelling has its roots in the rishis who called it shruthi (or that which is heard). She said storytelling can be used to leverage imagination in the classrooms. The language of storytelling is the basis of all learning.


    According to her everyone is a storyteller and that story telling can be used to develop all the four skills (LSRW) required to learn a language and at the same time making learning fun.


    To be a good storyteller, one has to be a good listener. The best stories to tell are those that the teachers are familiar with and have practised often with children. Change in the story should be possible –Teachers can use these changes as opportunities to add unexpected twists. Puppets also can be used to get students involved in the story. She even demonstrated how to use puppets to tell different stories. She emphasized that the audience participation is a very important component of story telling.


    Teachers can use the various spaces like classrooms, library, playground, lawn under a tree to tell a story.


    Thus, storytelling is a great tool to teach a language!


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