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Running Ten as The Teacher Foundation Turns Ten!

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  • Monday, May 28, 2012
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    Celebrating its Tenth Anniversary, The Teacher Foundation ran the TCS 10 KM run with several team-members, volunteers and well-wishers this morning. It was a memorable experience!
    The Jayanagar Jaguars, a passionate local running club, and several others were at the starting point to support the organisation raise Rs 3.7 lakhs for the Whole School Transformation of one Affordable private school in Bangalore. “We are really happy to run for such a worthwhile cause and for an organisation like The Teacher Foundation,” said Mr. Suresh Pathy of the Jayanagar Jaguars.

    Prof. Shankar Venkatagiri, a Professor from IIM Bangalore who also ran for TTF said “ What The Teacher Foundation has accomplished in it’s first ten years is really unique and I really enjoyed running in it’s support for another ten years at least!”

    We’ve raised Rs 3.1 lakhs so far through the efforts of friends and donors and aim to raise the rest over the next few days as donors respond to our requests.

    For the TTF Team, the TCS run was also a way of healthy, energetic celebration of our ten year anniversary as a teacher and school leader development organisation.

    We’d like to thank the well-wishers who ran for The Teacher Foundation today…over 13 Jayanagar Jaguars (especially Suresh Pathy, Ajit and Edward, who coordinated It for us), Prof Shankar Venkatagiri, Sangitha Krishnamurthy, Vijay and Ritu Sharma, Noel Almeida, Johnny John and others! Thanks so much, guys!

    It was a wonderful way to celebrate our ten years and it was a lot of fun.  For me, as I ran the race, each kilometer brought back memories of TTF’s start, the challenges it faced, the successes it had on the way and the strides that this passionate team has made every year. The only difference was that unlike this race that ended after ten kilometers, the TTF race goes on! There are over 5 million teachers in the country so in many ways, the work has just begun! Isn’t that just great!

    Posted by Prakash Nedungadi, Director (Development), TTF


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