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Feedback from an English Encounters Participant!

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  • Monday, April 8, 2013
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    English Encounters is a programme designed to enhance fluency in English among practicing teachers. It provides teachers with focused inputs to enable them to use language effectively for better communication. It will enrich vocabulary and enable them to use questioning as an effective tool in their classroom. It is a set of 20 workshops, delivered across 4-5 months. We recently completed English Encounters in CM National School, Bangalore and here is what Ms. B M Malini, a teacher from the school had to say about the impact of the programme:

    From TTF I have learnt – being confident, perfect, active. As being a teacher one should be always ready to learn, to teach their children. I must thank God for giving me an opportunity to join this course. All the sessions were different from each other, well organized with some activities. I just went back to my school days. I learned grammar, which is very helpful for my profession. The new words which were given in all the sessions were digestible. The activities were really interesting and adaptable in our work. The facilitators maintained pronunciation perfectly and helped us to make it perfect. And all the facilitators were responding to our questions.


    Would you like to book English Encounters for your school? Contact us at info@teacherfoundation.org


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