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Getting better by the dozen!

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  • Sunday, June 1, 2014
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    It's easy to be the newest or latest novelty in the market and entice schools with a variety of products or services. It's an entirely different matter staying true to your vision of making schools enabling environments for students, by empowering educators and doing this effectively, a dozen long years. I feel proud that TTF at twelve makes a strong statement that we are here for the long haul! We don't dabble, we deliver; we don't preach, we practise; we discourage complacence, we strive for competence and being cutting-edge. Our mission is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning that takes place in schools across India and we are getting better at it by the dozen.

    My warmest appreciation for the committed team members who have shared the dream and stayed the course. TTF has the potential to make long-lasting impact, inspired by, not large endowments, but by the power of one idea – enabling and inspiring every teacher !

    As the principal of a leading city school mentioned in an e-mail to me "Here's wishing you a year of lighting up lives of many more teachers!" That's a testimonial to cherish and I thank hundreds of schools and principals who have placed their valuable trust in our professional judgement.

    Maya Menon
    Founder Director
    The Teacher Foundation


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