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Announcing School Leaders' Collective: Schools Today at a Cultural Crossroads

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  • Thursday, January 29, 2015
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    We are a society at crossroads, where traditional customs, beliefs and family structures, especially in the metropolises are breaking down or evolving other identities. And our urban schools today are part of such a society.

    While most schools take pride in being at the cutting edge of technology and educational practices, adult mindsets are far slower and more resistant to changing norms. So besides the usual generation gap that exists between young students and their older teachers and principals, there is a growing cultural divide that's getting manifested even in our best schools.

    Owing to this, schools today are increasingly finding themselves in situations where they are unable to respond appropriately to the needs that are felt by students and /or their parents. Many questions surface – what do parents expect from you when they send their children to school? What do students, especially in their adolescence, want and need from schools? How does a school decide which of these expectations are reasonable and which of them are not?

    As a part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the schooling experience for children across India, we are organizing our first School Leaders' Collective in 2015. It's appropriately titled - Schools Today at a Cultural Crossroads. We are inviting a carefully selected panel of speakers to lead the discussion and shed some light to this contentious issue.

    We look forward to having you at what promises to be a powerful session on 19  February 2015.
    Following are the details of the School Leaders' Collective:

    Date & Time
    19 February 2015 at 2.00 -4:30  pm

    The Chancery Hotel, “Lavelle Hall”
    No.10/6, Lavelle Road,
    Next to Reliance Jewels (Mitra Towers),
    Bangalore - 560001,

    Hand outs, tea/coffee and snacks will be provided!

    No Registration fee! 

    Do confirm your participation by writing to Nancy at nancy@teacherfoundation.org
    or call : 95918 24944 / 80955 87430  


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