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The Importance of the Average

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  • Monday, August 3, 2015
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    The Importance of the Average
    valuing the forgotten student majority

    A TTF School Leaders' Collective on 21 August 2015

    All schools take great pride in the success of their students – be it in board exam results, sports or other inter-school competitions. These are the stars of the school, and rightly so, since they bring glory to the institution! They typically constitute 20-25% of the student population. However there is also another population - the invisible majority that constitute a much larger share of the student population. They are the average students, who don't shine or stand out, either in academics or in activities. They are quiet, reasonably well-behaved, not troublesome at all but not particularly interesting either. Simply put, they are quite forgettable. But like all other students they too have heads and hearts, thoughts and feelings. Their significance also lies in the fact that they form the biggest segment of the students in any school.

    This School Leaders' Collective, TTF provides you the opportunity to reflect on your average students. We have invited Suman Ghose, a dynamic individual and trainer to spark the discussion on The Importance of the Average. TTF will also offer some practical strategies for focussing on the average student.

    Suman Ghose has studied in IIT Kharagpur (B.Tech) & IIM Bangalore (MBA). He has 23 years' experience in Programme Management, Delivery, Competency Development etc. He has worked with leading companies like Cadbury’s, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Digital, Intel, Philips. He has extensive International experience in Europe, Latin America and South Korea. His passion is teaching & inspiring, creative problem-solving and soft-skill development. He is the founder and CEO of Inroads Leadership Development.

    We look forward to having you at what promises to be an engaging session. Here are the details of the School Leaders' Collective:

    Date & Time: 21 August 2015 at 2.45 pm (sharp)
    Venue: St. Mark's Hotel, St. Mark's Road.

    Refreshments will be served. There is no registration fee, but do book your seat/s. For confirmation of participation do write to Nancy at nancy@teacherfoundation.org; Jyoti at jyoti.mankotia@teacherfoundation.org or call +91 95918 24944


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