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  • Thursday, May 7, 2009
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    ‘Turning Schools Around’ is The Teacher Foundation’s proposed initiative that aims at Whole School Improvement for Lower-end Private English Medium Schools. The programme shall be for a period of 2 & half years and will actively involve Students, Teachers, Principal & the Management.

    The objective of the programme is:

    1. Overall 20% improvement in the learning levels against grade-level competencies for core subjects viz Math, Science, Social Science & Languages. This will should be measured annually over the baseline at the beginning of the intervention.
    2. A 50%, improvement in learning levels of the weaker students who normally comprise the bottom one-third of the class.

    ‘Turning Schools Around’ will involve a 3 level intervention strategy

    1. The School Level
    TTF’s intervention would involve building capacity of the school – Leadership – providing training and support to the head & the school Management. The School will be oriented to use the School Improvement Framework to assess & use it for school development. TTF would also actively build the quality of leadership across the cluster of schools through regular networking and sharing and collaborating.

    2. Teacher Level
    TTF will be working with teachers from grades 1-5. The intervention in class & out of class would focus on improving the quality of teaching through building capabilities & confidence. The teachers will undergo formal training in workshops as well as provided school based support.

    3. Student Level
    TTF’s intervention with students of grade 1 – 5th will be limited to teaching the students actively and regularly in the first year to model effective classroom practices. This aims at setting the stage for teacher learning and improving teaching practice in the school. Additionally the students learning levels will be tracked on a quarterly basis to track the ongoing assessment of improvements of learning levels. The bottom one third of the learners will be provided remedial support by an external agency.

    Posted by Padma Murthy, Project Head, TTF Bangalore
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