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“I learned for a year in a day”

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  • Saturday, May 16, 2009
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    Word Hunting: Teachers of Jnana Ganga Central School, Bellari. A snapshot of the Buzzing Classroom Livewire
    “I learned for a year in a day” - this was the feedback of a teacher after the one-day Livewire Classroom Workshop ‘Buzzing Classrooms” organized by TTF at Jnana Ganga Central School, Bellare on 15 May 2009. 25 teachers, including the Principal of the School, Ms. Dechamma participated in what turned out to be a day of active learning for the Jnana Ganga Teachers. Sojo Varughese, Centre Coordinator, TTF, Mangalore and Arathi Patrame, Freelance Facilitator, TTF, Mangalore facilitated the workshop.

    We are digging it: Teachers experiencing the excitement of collaborative learning during the workshop

    In her concluding remarks after the workshop, the Principal said, ‘We know it is a challenge to introduce the concept of Buzzing Classroom in our classrooms in a day or two. However, I assure you that our teachers will try it out gradually so that a day will arrive when they internalize the concept and automatically incline towards making classrooms more activity oriented.

    Here we are: The teachers making a presentation of their work during the workshop
    What you read below is what teachers shared with us through the feedback form. [Names could not be included as the comments are from participant feedback form]
    “We can introduce it in all the classes from LKG to X. I learend how to teach language through games.”
    “One major learning for me today is how to make our classes interesting by changing the mode of teaching."
    “It was one lively workshop.”
    “I liked the way they taught us.”
    "I used to think that I am a great teacher. But today, after doing what we did in the workshop, I know that there are many things I must learn to do in my class to be a great teacher."

    Who was it?: Teachers engaged in an activity during the workshop

    Buzzing Classroom Workshop basically focused on introducing teachers to the idea of making classrooms lively, employing collaborative and student participatory teaching techniques. It focused on how to begin a class, how to deliver the concept effectively and how to wrap up a class, making sure that every student learns and learns well.

    Posted by Sojo Varughese, Coordinator, TTF Mangalore
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