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Mangalore and Udupi Schools going the Phonics Way!!

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  • Saturday, May 23, 2009
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    TTF trained 16 pre-school teachers to deliver phonics lessons effectively, interestingly and interactively in an  intensive four-day workshop organized in Mangalore, from 21 May 2009 to 23 May 2009. Ms. Gina Menon, Deputy Head Teacher of Raynham Primary School, London, trained the teachers from different schools in and around Dakhina Kannada District. The workshop was held at Institute for Social Development, Paduva, Mangalore.

    Gina demonstrating a Phonics Teaching Method to the participating teachers, as they learn to sound the phonemes.

    Following were some of the ways in which TTF enabled teachers to address Phonics Instruction in their schools:
    • The teachers observed and participated in demo lessons, adapted to the needs of Indian School System
    • The teachers watched video examples of good practice to understand how effectively Phonics Lessons can be delivered to address the needs of different levels and types of learners
    • The teachers made various low cost, no-cost teaching materials and aids to help them in their Phonics Teaching
    • The teachers designed their own phonics lessons, demonstrated them and received peer-feedback and trainer-feedback to improve upon them
    • The teachers experienced various ways of leaning through activities specifically designed for Indian Teachers
    Teachers reflecting on and practicing what they have learned from the workshop.

    Gina doing another demo round with the teachers.

    Following is how the teachers felt about the workshop:

    "I am cocksure that it will help me a lot as a teacher to upgrade my knowledge in Phonics.... I could clarify many doubts about Phonics and methods of teaching to read. I learnt how to use our creativity in our teaching. I am going to plan my lessons regularly, have activity based lessons, practice phonics before teaching. I am also going to prepare teaching materials, those which I have learnt here, especially the games charts. As I came in I thought you are going to teach us only about sounds. As the days passed by, I realized that this course is pretty good for all levels of teachers." - Sr. Meena Fernandes A C, Teacher, Carmel School, St. Ann's Mangalore.
    "It is very useful when we teach in the classroom. I'll adapt every step in the classroom which were taught in the Phonics Workshop" - Ms. Sujatha Bandarkar, Teacher, MSRS English Medium School, Shiruva, Udupi
    " This workshop was good or I can say very good. It is very beneficial because children learn sounds of the letters so that they can spell or build words easily. They can later on write on their own using these sounds." - Ms. Veena P Nayak, Teacher, Dr. N S A M English Medium School, Nitte.
    "Of course, this is a useful course... I want to adapt all that I have learned here to put into practice in my classroom. While planning my lesson, I'll set apart time for each activity. -Sr. Judith Frank A C, Teacher, Carmel School, St. Ann's Mangalore.
    "Whatever I have learned in this workshop, I'll implement them in our classroom. Before teaching, I will plan how to teach sounds through different activities, what material is needed, etc." - Ms. Sunitha Shetty, Teacher, Dr. N S A M English Medium School, Nitte.
    "It is fantastic!! I am grateful to TTF for introducing this workshop in the right time. It would have been great if this could be done for all the teachers of our school. This workshop has given a lot of activities and resources which we can easily adapt into classroom. And, yes, obviously, I can adapt what I have learned here into my classroom." - Ms. Shashiprabha S, Teacher, Gurukula Public School, Koteshwar
     "I was really looking for this workshop for the last 2 years. Since all my teachers are here for the workshop, we'll present two or three model classes in our teacher group, observe each other and improve our practice. I'll make a plan to have lot of resources in my class as well as in other classrooms. - Mr. Ausustine K A, Principal, MSRS English Medium School, Shiruva, Udupi
    Teachers during a sharing session
    Gina helping teachers as they develop teaching materials

    The teachers left the workshop venue confident that they are going the phonics way now on. The Indian-school friendly activities that Gina took them through, the amount of simulated planning and material preparation they did during the workshop helped them to understand that it is adaptable.

    Posted by Sojo Varughese, Coordinator, TTF Mangalore
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