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When St. Norbert School buzzed!!

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  • Friday, June 5, 2009
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    Buzzing Classrooms and Making it Happen, two workshops from the Livewire Classrooms basket, were organized for 15 teachers from St. Norbert School, Koppa on 29 May 2009 and 30 May 2009. Ms. Suman, TTF Facilitator from Mangalore, Ms. Jovitha, TTF Facilitator from Mysore and Ms. Sudha, Government Coordinator from Mysore led the workshops.

    Following is how the teachers felt about the two days of intensive training:

    "I understood that teaching is an ongoing process and requires continued preparation. This workshop helped me understand many methods and activities." - Sr. Smitha Paul, Teacher
    "I needed a different approach in presenting my lessons in the classroom, as I found that my way of teaching was a monotonous act which needed  a little spice to liven up my classroom atmosphere. Hence, this workshop was a welcome programme for me and has positively enhanced and enriched my knowledge of teaching." - Ms. Della Colaco, Teacher

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    Teachers doing an energizer
    Picture 122
    Teachers doing lesson planning
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    Hunting the treasure to learn!!

    Posted by Sojo Varughese, Coordinator, TTF Mangalore
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