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Buzzing Classrooms at St. Alousius School, Mangalore

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  • Sunday, October 25, 2009
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    TTF organized Buzzing Classroom for 27 teachers from St. Alousius School, Mangalore on 24 October 2009. Mr. Mahesh and Ms. Arathi Patarame, TTF Facilitators delivered the one day workshop. The workshop focused on making classroom interactions lively and interesting and introduced the teachers to a series of activity based teaching techniques. The workshop drew their attention to how to start, deliver and conclude a 40 minute lesson effectively and engaging every child in the class.

    Following are some quotes by the teachers about the workshop from the teacher feedback:

    "I like the fact that by using different methods I can make my teaching effective."

    "I liked the activities and now I understand that classroom teaching can be made effective by planning well. I am happily surprised about the amount of planning and preparation you have put in to conduct a one day workshop."

    "There was so much to learn and it was interesting."

    "I am happy about the way facilitators delivered each activity. I learned to ask the right questions to my students."

    Posted by Sojo Varughese, Center Coordinator, Mangalore
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