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  • Wednesday, March 3, 2010
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    Safe and Sensitive Schools project started its New Year with a review meeting with the Heads of all the project schools. The Heads were thrilled to receive a parachute and a set of 6 ‘Golden Rules’ posters for their schools. The ‘Safe and Sensitive’ Schools have moved on to extend the concept beyond children and have encompassed teachers too. Vidya Niketan School, took a step forward by conducting their staff meeting in Quality Circle Time format for the first time. The Heads had got together to plan the sessions for primary, middle & high school teachers and the admin staff. The theme of the session was to foster empathetic and sensitive communication among staff members. It was a delight to see teachers frankly open up about the problems they faced while communicating with colleagues. At the end of the session, they collectively promised to be more of their sensitive selves when they communicated with their peers in school. One of the teachers in the group said, “ Lets determine now, not to talk ill of others, nor encourage others when they do so”. The Heads felt the session was an eye opener and felt they came up with constructive solutions on the problem of lack of sharing among staff members. They also said that with regular sessions like these, they would be able to deal with staff problems more peacefully.

    Posted by Sandhya Gatti, Project Head, Safe and Sensitive Schools, TTF, Bangalore
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