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Exciting Prizes for Teachers on Teachers' Day 2010 | Announcing TNet Alive!

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  • Monday, August 30, 2010
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    Dear Teachers!

    Greetings from The Teacher Foundation!
    We are at that time of year, when every month from here on till year end is replete with festivities! The excitement that comes with them is palpable! However, for us at The Teacher Foundation, OUR most awaited event of the year is round the corner and we can't hope to celebrate it without you all - TEACHERS' DAY 2010 !

    But things are going to be a little different this year! Unlike other years, when we sent Teachers' Day greetings individually to teachers and schools at all the TTF centres, this year our plan is more ambitious – we want to combine Teachers' Day celebrations with our online Teacher Network – The TNet !

    On this Teachers' Day, our team has dared to dream of getting teachers and educators from across the country in ONE SINGLE FORUM! But before you reach for your schedulers and calendars and start thinking of your train reservations, hold on ! : You can be present at the event for free, without moving out of your school or city. And we promise to make it worthwhile for you with exciting awards at the end of the event! The Teacher Foundation proudly presents:

    TNet Alive!
    An online forum for teachers to share their ideas, thoughts and dreams with their peers from across India!

    This is how we plan to make it work:

    Step 1: Starting from 2nd September upto 4th September 2010, log on to our TNet Alive! blog http://tnetalive.posterous.com and read the topics mentioned in the blog. You will be asked to write a) A Slogan and b) A short reflective journal. The topics for both will be announced only on the 2nd of Sept. So hold your breath!

    Step 2: Send your entries on these topics by email on post@tnetalive.posterous.com . The subject line of your mail will form the title of your post and the body of your mail will form the content of your post. You can attach photographs, videos etc to your mail and they will appear on the blog along with your post. The blog will be open for entries from 2nd September – 08:00 am IST to 4th September 06:00 pm IST!

    Step 3: Cross your fingers! If your Slogan or Reflective journal catches the fancy of our panel of judges, you will be announced as the Winner of TNet Alive on 6th September 2010 on our website www.teacherfoundation.org !

    Awards will be given for :
    • The BEST slogan
    • The BEST reflective journal
    • The school with the maximum participation 
    • 1st Prize : Rs. 2000
    • 2nd Prize: Rs. 1000
    • The school from which the maximum number of teachers participate can send 3 teachers for any of our workshops from October – February 2011 for FREE! 
    So hurry up and register for the event and be a part of an exciting ONLINE EVENT on TEACHERS' DAY 2010!

    Hoping to hear from all of you really soon!
    Warm Regards,
    Team TTF!

    eposted from TNet Alive Blog


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