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Mindful Living

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  • Wednesday, August 25, 2010
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    Come September, as the country celebrates its educators, The Teacher Foundation brings to you an occasion and opportunity to not only re-energize and motivate your teachers but also to celebrate and acknowledge their invaluable contribution of experience and expertise that they bring to your school and its learners.

    The Teacher Foundation in association with Spanda Foundation brings a special 2 day workshop to you. It's Mindful Living - humane person-centred look at understanding people and their interactions. This would be a timely opportunity for you to enable key members of your team to enhance their personal well-being, self -awareness and the quality of interpersonal communication in your school !

    'MINDFUL LIVING' conducted by Ms. Annie Cariapa is an insightful and ‘must-do’ 2 day workshop for all senior teachers and members of the staff seeking ways to better their professional and personal growth, enhancing the quality their relationships within and outside the school premises. By the end of the workshop, teachers can look forward to:

    • A new and fresh perspective on their working relationships
    • Better and more effective communication skills
    • Being equipped with effective problem-solving techniques and above all,
    • The ability to live 'MINDFULLY' and to work to their FULL potential

    Exercises, role plays, didactic and interactive methods promise to make these 2 days exciting and a great learning experience for all the participating teachers.

    Mindful Living will explore and provide insights to questions like:

    “Why am I the way I am?”
    “What are the patterns in my thinking, feeling & behaviour?”
    “How can I communicate meaningfully and improve my relationships?”
    “How can I energize myself?”
    “How can I get my needs met?”
    “How can I solve my problems effectively?”
    “What can I do in order to change, regain full potential & enjoy MINDFUL LIVING?.”

    About Ms. Annie Cariapa
    Annie Cariapa, PTSTA(P) is an accredited trainer of the International Transactional Analysis
    Association and a master practitioner of NLP. She works systemically and offers workshops in Family Constellation, which is a powerful and healing process. Annie has worked extensively in the field of individual and family therapy, and personality development with a focus on holistic growth. Her workshops are characterized by warmth and gentle persuasion.

    Dates: September 16 and 17, 2010
    Venue: Aashirwad Hall, No. 30, St Marks Road Cross, Bangalore – 560001
    Time : 9: 30am – 5:30 pm

    For more details, please contact,


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