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  • Wednesday, October 13, 2010
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    Many years ago, the Principal of a reputed school in Bangalore told me: “Nobody thinks of a school teacher’s job as a profession, something that needs to be continually developed. It’s taken for granted… so if anybody falls ill in the house, it is the teacher who stays at home. Everybody else is working for a bank or a company and can’t stay away from work- but a school teacher apparently can.”

    Snapshots from Funventure!! 
    The 10 day Summer Camp across 5 schools 
    in Bangalore for approximately 300 students
    and their teachers!
    Many people still take the teaching profession lightly – they believe it's just about keeping order in the class, teaching students to memorize answers from textbooks and periodically setting papers and marking them! While this has long been the perception of teachers and teaching in our country, it's a view that The Teacher Foundation has been actively challenging since our inception in 2002! TTF believes that teaching needs to shed its dowdy look of tired lack-lustre teachers and dull and dusty classrooms. It needs a contemporary image – a touch of sparkle, colourful, vibrant learning spaces, a generous splash of energy and enthusiasm, loads of commitment and an unstinting faith and drive to excel! 

    We see ourselves at the forefront of a nation-wide movement to challenge conditioned classroom practices and contemporarise teaching and learning in our schools. To do this, we have been successfully covering the spectrum of upper-end private schools and rural government schools - a tireless endeavour to transform how teachers look at themselves and their profession.

    TNet Mela and Principal Seminar 2010 @ Bangalore
    There aren't many organisations in education that care as deeply for teachers as TTF does. We have an unwavering belief that teachers are lasting influences on every pupil who walks into their classroom. Our various TTF centres are friendly forums where teachers can drop in and draw strength from each other. With the wide variety and scope of professional development opportunities we have on offer, TTF helps every teacher become more enabled, more inspired and more willing to make that extra effort for the sake of their learners. Eight years on, The Teacher Foundation finds itself at the helm of a quiet, gentle revolution that aims at metamorphosing Indian School education.

    Posted by Maya Menon, Director.
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