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TSA: In Preparation for a 4-day training session

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  • Thursday, October 14, 2010
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    Although the schools are on holiday right now, this is an extremely busy time in the TSA project room. We are working hard to create workshops for a 4-day training during which teachers will be taken through sessions on:
    -Spoken English
    -Classroom Management
    -Reading Can Be Fun!

    We have chosen areas such as Spoken English, Classroom Management and Assessment because as the project draws to a close, we believe it is important for teachers to get final inputs in these key areas. Although they have been exposed to information in these areas through their association with TTF, the workshops will allow both facilitators and teachers to quantify and amend existing knowledge. Furthermore, the workshops will be a time for teachers to voice their concerns and discuss how to best to implement new strategies in their classrooms .

    Reading Can Be Fun! and Mathe-Logic are subject enrichment programs that we, at TTF, have put together. Each of the programs include a set of ready-made 2-3 day lesson plans for 5-6 topics for grades 1-5, along with the associated material. They are designed to address problems with basic reading comprehension in English and basic operations and skills in Mathematics. During the training sessions, we will focus on helping teachers prepare to teach using these programs in the coming months.

    Stay tuned for pictures and an update of the training session!

    Posted by Amrita Randhawa, Coordinator - Training and Teacher Support, TTF Bangalore


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