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Unleashing creativity in Hubli!

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  • Friday, January 7, 2011
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    TTF Hubli Centre organized Afternoons with TTF titled Unleash Your Creativity, on January 6, 2011. 28 teachers from 10 different schools were present and shared their views and ideas on creativity. The session had a video, group discussion, activities to bring out the creativity in oneself. Teachers talked about modelling creativity, how they should be ready to take risks and go out of the way to reach out to the learners by follwing the unconventional methods of teaching and make learning more interesting. One very important aspect which came out from the discussion was that planning was really really fundamental to productive creativity.

    Teachers brainstormed how to make use of items from daily life in teaching and came up with using a calendar to teach social studies or even language. Another group explained how to teach shapes using a scarf. When asked to show concepts from science, maths or languages using simple things like bottle caps and icecream sticks, ribbons, plastic cups and even pebbles- they came up with some unique and colourful posters of shapes, solar system, water cycle.

    Teachers thought that such workshops really helped them to gather ideas from and share with the teachers from other schools. Reflecting on their own experience in the workshop, teachers commented that they need to be creative first in order to foster creativity in their students and that it is a skill which can be developed with practice. One teacher said that we need to encourage students to think differently to make learning more effective. Overall, the teachers enjoyed the activity based productive afternoon and said that they are looking forward to more of such afternoons!

    Posted by Roopali Katti, Centre Coordinator, TTF Hubli Centre 


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