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Ranga Shankara is staging Gumma Banda Gumma

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  • Friday, March 11, 2011
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    Here is a great opportunity to make Theatre as part of your school curriculum!

    Teachers play a very important role in influencing the child and shaping his thought process. We would therefore like to explore with teachers how students watching even two good productions a year can expose the child to such a wonderful new world.

    Ranga Shankara is a very unique enterprise in a country where there are not many dedicated spaces and institutions for theatre. They have a robust and sustained Theatre for Children program (called AHA!, a universal expression of wonder). Through this program, they produce plays, tie up with schools in the city and bring busloads of children to watch plays that are specially created for them. In less than five years of its existence, AHA! has seen four own productions, and 6 plays from foreign countries (Germany, Switzerland, Korea, etc.) More than 500 shows for children have been staged. Their fifth production, which is a collaboration between Ranga Shankara and Schnawwl Theatre, Mannheim Germany is underway.

    We are very happy to tell you that Ranga Shankara is soon celebrating the 100th show of 'Gumma Banda Gumma', the first production under AHA!

    Special show of Gumma Banda Gumma (in Kannada) for The Teacher Foundation on Sat, 19 March at 3.30 pm for 90 minutes. 
    Venue: Ranga Shankara, 36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar , Bangalore 560 078
    • After the performance, the Creative Director, Arundhati Nag and the Director of the play, Padmavathi Rao will talk to the teachers about Theatre and Children for 30 minutes. 
    • Discussion with teachers about Theatre as part of the school curriculum 
    • Exchange of ideas with teachers about exposure to various arts and how it helps them 
    We can accommodate up to 300 teachers at this show. This is FREE and open to ALL teachers. The school may send as many teachers as they choose to. The idea is to sensitise teachers to Theatre for Children and explain the processes that go behind the making of a play for children. The name and telephone no of the person at Ranga Shankara that the teachers need to contact for registering - VERONICA. 26493982. or rstheatre@gmail.com

    Kindly register as it is on a first come basis.


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