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Shades of our Teachers!

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  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011
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    TTF Hyderabad Centre is organizing another "Afternoons with TTF"– a forum for teachers from different schools to facilitate exchange of thoughts and ideas related to schools, education, teaching and learning. 'Afternoons with TTF' is held on a weekday, once a month. There would be a different theme for each month. They enable focused small group interactions, therefore the learnings from these sessions would be more personal and internalized. These are free and open for teachers of Hyderabad City Schools.

    The inaugural session of 'Afternoons with TTF' organized by TTF Hyderabad Centre is on Thursday, March 24 from 2pm -3:30pm at Sparkling Stars, The Complete School (A unit of VSK School) Vivekanandanagar colony , Kukatpally, Hyderabad. The theme for this session of Our"Afternoons with TTF" is 'Shades of our Teachers'.

    Teachers are not mere academic instructors. In our rapidly changing world, teachers play a far more strategic and often difficult role with helping their students become well adjusted, global citizens in a world that is not easy to live in. What are these varied and complex roles that teachers play? How can we better equip them to straddle  roles that have stretched beyond just teaching? We will explore these issues and throw the floor open for an animated discussion with teachers.

    Sparkling Stars School (VSK Memorial High School)
    Vivekananda Nagar
    Colony Extn

    In vivekanandanagar
    1. Take the lane opposite Reliance Fresh
    2. At the dead end, take left
    3. Take second right ( into HP gas godown lane)
    4. Take a right after the play ground (you can find a direction board of VSK at the ground)

    HP Gas Godown lane/ VSK gardens

    We request you to confirm your participation and register the teachers' names attending session not later  than 21 March 2011, so that we accomodate you. 


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