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TSA: Curtain Call!

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  • Wednesday, March 23, 2011
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    The day dawned bright and cheery but it was with mixed emotions that we said farewell to our group of sixty teachers. The team worked hard to ensure that the day included many components which would express our gratitude to our teachers for their willingness to hear us out and to try and incorporate our ideas in their reality. We were so proud of the journey we had taken together, but were a little nervous at the thought of letting them continue the journey on their own.
    It was their turn to calm us down as they proved to us that not only had they learned a lot of what we were trying to teach them but that they were confident about taking it to their schools and their classrooms in years to come.

    This was evident, not only in what they were able to say, but also in the displays that the teachers of each school worked on to depict what the last two years meant to each of them. Their succinct depictions of their struggles, their successes and their future plans for their schools were inspiring to see. One of the teachers who was asked to share her experiences with the group echoed the words of a Principal when she said, "When TTF first came to us, we asked ourselves why we had to go through this. We were like LKG children crying on the first day of school but now I can proudly say that we are confident that we can take this forward. In fact, it is because of TTF that I am able to speak so confidently in front of you today."

    The culmination of the change process facilitated by TTF was the actual ceremony during which certifcates were distributed to the schools, Principals, teachers and mentors. It was heartening to see their excitement and pride in their accomplishment, and in it the promise of a brighter tomorrow for their students - both present and future.

    Although we will not be working closely with this group of teachers any longer, we hope that our association will continue - not just through frequent phone calls and visits but also in carrying forward the ethos of the change.
    Posted by Amrita Randhawa, Co-ordinator, Training and Teacher Support, TTF Bangalore


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