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Celebrating Whole School Turnaround at GHPS Yelheri.

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Yadgiri wst 1'Whole School Turnaround' is a two year project, in which we make very intensive effort aimed at improving schools under four domains namely leadership and management,teaching and learning, student environment and community involvement. Our intervention in schools ends with putting systems in place and ensuring sustainability of the impact of the project. Whole school Turnaround at Government higher primary school, Yelheri in Yadgir district of Karnataka has been successfully completed.To celebrate success and to recognize  teachers for their contribution, a graduation ceremony was organized by The Teacher Foundation in the school for the headmaster and  assistant teachers  on 23 June 2011, at    GHPS ,Yelheri.  The school was certified and each individual in the school was acknowledged for his/her effort in brining about a change in the school. This was an occasion for the teachers and TTF to share their happiness, thoughts and exchange gratitude.

yadgiri wst 2Over 25 people took part in the programme, out of which 6 were heads and 6 were teachers from other WST schools. Block Resource Co-ordinator, Cluster Resource Person, SDMC members and one member from Grama panchayat graced the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Devji Rathod, teacher of the Yelheri school said "TTF used school improvement framework as a tool to grade  our school under  four domains. This was carried out  in a  democratic way. It  helped us to understand  where we stand and what needs to be done to improve our teaching,school environment etc. We were able to implement the plan of action successfully because of the hand holding support given by TTF facilitators. They helped us develop professionally "

yadgiri wst 3Mr.Nagayya one of the teachers said ''I am very grateful to TTF for the support given to me on how to teach actively in the class and ensure involvement of students''. Mrs.Jayanthi Geetha, Asst. teacher who is promoted to high school commented ''The feedback sessions and the demos helped me to gain confidence. Because of the TTF I have learnt many new teaching techniques.I have become more active and I am happy about my job''. Mr.Mahalingayya ,TTF Co-ordinator for the school narrated the story of success with the support of the relevant data. He said the school has moved up in overall grade from 1.8 to 2.6. Mr.Sharanappa, ECO who spoke on the occasion appreciated the effort by The Teacher Foundation and asked TTF to work with more schools in the region.

Posted by Nana Madarkall , Centre Co-ordinator, TTF Yadgiri Centre


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