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Merugu in Hubli!

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  • Friday, July 1, 2011
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    WS 2“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars,” is an appropriate thought to guide teachers as they devise new and more effective methods to assess student learning. As part of Merugu, the sustained teacher training programme, over 40 government school teachers from Hubli rural blocks participated in the Measuring Learning module at the Hubli Centre on June 24th.

    Guruswamy C. And Rajaratna facilitated the workshop. Throughout the day, the facilitators guided the teachers about the different ways of authentically assessing student learning. Uncovering the details of rubrics, the importance of formative assessment and the difference between lower and higher order thinking, the teachers were kept busy all day!
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    For the teachers, highlights included preparing rubrics and devising different activities related to formative assessment. These included report cards, but also using memory games and matching activities in new and different ways. The teachers also came up with their own examples which correspond to the subjects they teach.

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    Participants commented on the unique nature of the workshops and how active and engaging they are. They also shared their new, and more detailed understanding about formative assessment, assessment that occurs in the midst of the learning process, and how it can be used to shape future lessons and better address student needs. Bloom's Revised Taxonomy was another component of the module which received high praise and how it helped them better understand different aspects of student learning.

    Supported by the Deshpande Foundation, the Measuring Learning workshop is only one of a series of modules that comprise the Merugu Programme. Future modules will cover topics such as designing lesson plans, composing precise and accurate objectives and reflecting on classroom events.

    Posted by Julia Bach, TTF Hubli Centre


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