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Sishu Griha tells us: “We are gentle!”

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The Teacher Foundation is actively working with 15 schools in Bangalore, with the support of Wipro Applying Thoughts in Schools, training teachers to action a positive cultural change in the school community. TTF’s Safe and Sensitive Schools Project (SASS) aims at making schools “safe and sensitive through embedding policies, spaces and interactions that are positive, constructive, nurturing and collaborative for all – students and staff alike.” SASS is designed based on the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model developed by Jenny Mosley. SASS helps schools to put systems in place that make sure  teachers are confident, classrooms are cheerful, and interactions between people in the school are warm, gentle and pleasant.   


One of our SASS Schools, Sishu Griha, organized an assembly on one of the Golden Rules - We are Gentle; We do not hurt others! They actually observed the rule for the fortnight and at the end of which students from each class were nominated by fellow classmates for following the rule. These students were felicitated with badges during the assembly and their photographs were out on their bulleting board. The school mailed us a few photographs and a write-up about the Golden Assembly and we would like to share them with you.




The students of Sishu Griha Montessori& High School right from the Primary to the High School were very assiduous in following the Golden Rule for the preceding fortnight- WE ARE GENTLE, BOTH IN OUR ACTIONS AND WORDS. WE DO NOT HURT OTHERS. The teachers elucidated on the different ways in which the students could exhibit gentleness in school and the response was gratifying.

The students made conscious efforts to adhere to the golden rule of being gentle. They spoke in soft tones, were gentle in their actions and the gentleness reflected in their demeanour too. Books and furniture were handled with a lot of care. They made sure that they did not hurt others and there was a sharp drop in the number of grievances that the teachers had to lend their ears to. They appeared contrite when they erred and were painstaking in their efforts to make amends. Being bestowed with a badge that had the wordings ‘I AM GENTLE’ was the ultimate honour. Many students received the much coveted badge.

The Golden Assembly was held on the 18th July , 2011. There was a sense of heightened excitement as the students trooped into their respective lines. What ensued certainly proved to be a golden hour for the students and staff alike. The SPARKS ensured that everything was in order .Principal Ms. Sujatha Mohandas gave a brief overview of the SASS programme and explained to the children that the marks card was not the only yardstick to measure their success in life. She stressed on the importance of imbibing good qualities. Later, Navyaa Shah of Std IV spoke about the importance of being gentle and shared her experience with the other students. The profundity of her thoughts was certainly appreciated. The names of the students who had been nominated , one each from every section of all the classes, were announced amidst applause. They assembled on the dais and seemed to revel in being the cynosure of all eyes. They took pride in the trust reposed in them as they had been nominated by their classmates . Bulletin Boards bearing their photographs delighted one and all.

The students dispersed with a renewed vigour to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of these noble qualities. Principal Ms. Sujatha Mohandas’ exhortation to be on constant vigil against flouting these golden rules will certainly be remembered by the students and staff alike.


Posted by Misbah, Coordinator – Teacher Training and Support, TTF Bangalore Centre


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