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Writing Matters: A fresh look at the writing curriculum

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  • Wednesday, August 17, 2011
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    The Teacher Foundation is organizing another Afternoons With TTF, in Bangalore. The purpose of hosting these sessions is to encourage interaction between teachers from different schools and facilitate exchange of thoughts and ideas. Each meeting focuses on a different theme, and using small group interaction, creates a personal and lasting learning opportunity. They are free and open for teachers of Bangalore City Schools. Individual teachers can attend any 'Afternoons With T T F' of their choice. Kindly circulate this invitation to all your teachers.

    The Topic: “Writing Matters: A fresh look at the writing curriculum”
    PencilWe all have stories to tell, ideas to share, opinions to voice and causes to fight for. Yet, how can one create a democracy, when children lead lives without recording their reactions, thoughts, arguments, opinions and dreams? To express oneself is a fundamental human quality, but what are we doing in schools to nurture it? While schools are spending time and money on reading, little work is done on the teaching and learning of writing - we have ignored the power of the pen. How lovely it would be to create a community of avid writers, writing with voice, emotion and personality, writing for causes that are close to our hearts, writing tug-at-your-heart kind of stories that can change the world.

    Join us in the journey of creating the environment that our children deserve, to express themselves. An environment where children learn that writing is a vital medium for thinking, for Writing Matters….

    Presenter: Gita Varadarajan
    Gita has been an educator for over 10 years, as a teacher, administrator and now a student. Her last assignment was with Neev Schools where she was the Branch Head of two of their schools and responsible for curriculum coordination across all their schools. Currently completing her master’s in Literacy Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, New York City, USA she is closely working with Lucy Calkins and The Reading and Writing Project. Gita believes it is literate communities that accelerate change and classrooms must act as places to nurture these communities.

    Venue, Date and Timing
    Holy Angels Higher Primary School, St. Josephs Convent, Ware Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore – 560 005.
    Contact No. 080 25554221
    Land mark
    Parallel to Promenade Road, less than half a km from Thoms Cafe
    25 August, 2011
    2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

    There is no participation fee for Afternoons with TTF Programmes
    Please do feel free to circulate this invitation to all your teachers

    RSVP:  We look forward to your participation in 'Afternoons With The Teacher Foundation'. Request you to confirm at 080 – 41131930, 41231149 or 25593335.
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