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Managing teaching and learning

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  • Saturday, November 12, 2011
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    How can you eat a chocolate without bending your arm? By putting it into each others' mouth!


    Kavita Agarwal, Director of Academics and Principal of DG Khetan International School, explained the purpose of this small riddle saying it is to remind us to share and grow with sweetness.

    An interesting way to begin a session on academic leadership,

    Kavita Agarwal continued her talk entitled “Curriculum Management: Managing Teaching-Learning.” She explained that running a school is through planning and management and that effective curriculum management is essential in running a good school. Curriculum can be planned keeping in mind a variety of factors, one of the most effective and significant is a trans-disciplinary approach.


    Kavita Agarwal continued to explain that excellence in schools can be achieved through effective management of curriculum which involves multiple stages encompassing planning, implementation, assessment and feedback.


    Concluding her remarks, Kavita Agarwal remarked that “education without a clearcut aim is like a rudderless ship.”


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