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HeadLAMP for CBSE Schools - A 5-Day Training for Heads of Schools

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  • Monday, May 13, 2013
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    Update: Click here to see the list of CBSE approved capacity building programmes for school principals

    A consortium formed by Birla Shloka Edutech and The Teacher Foundation (Shraddha Trust & TTF Education Services Pvt Ltd)  has been empanelled by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to deliver a 5 Day  Programme for Heads of CBSE Schools on Effective School Leadership and Management and a 1 day training programme for teachers on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE). We are empanelled to conduct the programme PAN India. Please click here to see CBSE Circular No. Acad-02/2013 dated 8th January, 2013

    New batch launching on 27 January 2013

    HeadLAMP for CBSE Schools
    HeadLAMP for CBSE Schools (HLCS) prepares school leaders as change agents who can steer the learning in their institutions with special focus on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.  HLCS is distinctive in its emphasis on the experiential. Learning opportunities are presented in large and small group discussions, case studies, scenarios and  videos are integrated in the course work.

    The Programme will begin with a Need based Questionnaire that will be administered by post or e-mail before the Workshops. The feedback from the Heads will help us set the context for the design of the training modules.

    There are 4 overarching Modules that will cover  the following areas.

    Module 1
    Values, Vision, Personal Growth and Leadership 
     This module  will help School Leaders examine leadership qualities, ethical and moral dimensions of leadership and how these influence their schools. They will also identify the key values they would like to foster in their institutions and look at how those values are manifested, both inside and outside the school.

    Module 2
    Teaching, Learning and Assessment
    A school is only as good as the quality of learning it enables. In this module School Leaders will compare the existing learning practices in their school to contemporary learning approaches. They will identify teaching-learning practices and assessment opportunities that are effective. They will better understand Formative and Summative Assessment and so ensure better implementation of CCE  in their schools.

    Module 3
    Mentoring and Monitoring the Implementation of CCE
    Any new initiative is effective only when teachers are adequately trained and regularly mentored. This is especially true for CCE as well. School Leaders need to know the role of the Mentor as well as  develop mentoring skills necessary for putting an effective process of Mentoring in place. In this module school leaders will view classroom clips and evaluate the classes for both teaching-learning strategies as well as assessment opportunities – both formative and summative.  They will also practice giving teachers feedback, using the Indicators of Authentic Assessment that would be provided.

    Module 4
    People and Processes
    A successful school is one that has sound systems, transparent processes and purposeful people.  This module exposes school leaders to mechanisms that will help them manage their institutions always aligned to their vision and values, through clearly defining roles and effectively delegating responsibilities. School heads will identify one aspect of their school that they wish to change and will plan for the systems and processes that need to be put in place to implement that change effectively.

    Cost: INR 10,000 per participant

    For more details and to register
    Mail us at  info@teacherfoundation.org
    Call us at  +9180 41131930

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