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School Leaders' Collective 2017 | What can schools do to retain their teachers?

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  • Tuesday, February 7, 2017
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    It's our 15th year and The Teacher Foundation (TTF) is ready with its first School Leaders' Collective for 2017! This time we are focussing on a recurring bone of contention for all school leaders and school managements - teacher retention!

    On the one hand Bangalore is booming with new schools that promise their students a progressive & world class education. On the other hand, the city's old established schools are having difficulty attracting the best teachers like they used to a couple of decades ago. Indeed teacher attrition is a crisis that all schools are struggling with.

    Teachers are the most important resource for a school. The reputation of every great school has been solely built on the basis of its teachers and headteachers. And yet this vital human resource has today become an almost transient commodity that keeps hopping schools. This is deeply problematic. When there's frequent movement of teachers and headteachers, Students are deprived of the stability and security they deserve in their formative learning years. Moreover teachers deprive themselves of the time and equilibrium that's needed to reflect and mature into inspiring and legendary educators.

    This collective aims at looking squarely at this problem and discussing all the possible reasons for teacher attrition and practical ways to stem this outflow. Some of these ways could be personal, others philosophical and still others managerial & financial.

     In this context, TTF is bringing together a panel of experienced school heads from schools across Bangalore, to share their experiences and thoughts on ways they have effectively dealt with teacher attrition. As members of the audience you too will be invited to share your views and concerns. So do come and participate in what promises to be an engrossing and illuminating session.

    Date & Time: Friday, 17th Feb 2017 from 2:30 pm – 5.30 pm
    Venue: The Chancery Hotel, A10/6 Lavelle Road, Bangalore- 560001 

    Tea/coffee and snacks will be provided ! There is no registration fee.

    Do confirm your participation by writing to Ms. Nancy at nancy@teacherfoundation.org or call 95918 24944/8095587431/9901065484


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