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The challenges teachers face!

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  • Friday, April 8, 2011
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    The Teacher Foundation, Hyderabad Centre conducted its inaugural Afternoons with TTF at Sparkling Stars , The compete School (A unit of VSK Memorial High School) on  24 March 2011 on  'Shades of Our Teachers'.  Around 30 Teachers from 5 different schools paricipated in the session. Ms Sridevi, the Principal of the host school initiated the session with a short inspirational address. The session initially focused on arriving at some crucial roles that teachers play and the challenges they face while doing that. Further, the session helped teachers arrive at solutions to one of those challenges.

    Overall, the session was well packed by most teachers contributing to identification of challenges in each of the role, choosing one challenge as being widely faced by the teachers and arriving at possible solutions to meet the situation adroitly. Ms. Hemalatha, The Correspondent of Sri Vidyanjali school  opined, “The session was very lively and we are looking forward to more of such ones.”   Ms. Sunitha of VSK Memorial School said, “ The session was very well organised, I don't want to miss out any AWTTF and I shall be grateful if there is more duration allotted for such intellectual discussions”.

    The TTF Hyderabad Team feels more energised to have done a sataisfying job for its participants and appreciate the deep involvement of all the participating teachers!

    Posted by Anuradha, Coordinator - School Relationship Management, TTF Hyderabad Centre


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